Speakers & paper titles

Bednarek BartłomiejPostdoc FellowUniversity of WarsawSome overlooked Orphic grave monuments and gems
Bershadsky NatashaLecturer in
The mysteries of the Kabeiroi: following a thread between ritual
and myth
Blankenborg RonaldAssistant Professor in Ancient Greek Literature and LinguisticsRadboud University‘How to become a god’: Menelaus’ previewed deification in the Odyssey
Bosman PhilipProfessor of ClassicsStellenbosch UniversityJulian the sacrificer
Buè FrancescoPostdoctoral ResearcherÉcole Pratique des Hautes Études of Paris & THEMAM NanterreComparing Eleusinian and Epinician Elements in the Pindaric Poetry
Christopoulos MenelaosProfessor of Ancient Greek LiteratureUniversity of Patras Dionysus’ Katabasis and the Mysteries of Lerna
Clinch AlicePhD CandidateCornell UniversityEpiphanic Encounters at Eleusis
De Poli MattiaAssistant Professor of Classical PhilologyAlma Mater Studiorum – University of BolognaAeschylus and the Eleusinian mysteries: Further sources for a ‘famous’ accusation?
Di Serio ChiaraResearch Assistant at the Department of Classics and PhilosophyUniversity of CyprusJulian and the Statue of the Mother of the Gods
Fassa EleniAssistant ProfessorDemocritus University of ThraceInternationalizing the Mysteries? The Eumolpid Timotheos between Athens and Alexandria
Gartziou-Tatti AriadniProfessor in Ancient Greek LiteratureUniversity of IoanninaOath-rituals and peace treaties on the Athenian dionysiac stage
Giannuzzi AlessandraTeacher Assistant of Greek and LatinUniversità Cattolica del Sacro CuoreΜονοκρήπιδες: the symbol of the barefoot
Harrison George
W. M.
Contract InstructorCarleton UniversityRome’s Embrace of Herakles
Kafritsa EfthymiaPhilologist in Secondary EducationἜρως as mystic initiation
Kousoulini VasiaAdjunct LecturerUniversity of PatrasDionysian Choreia as a Multisensory Experience in Ancient Greek Theater
Koutsoukos MariosPhD Candidate in the Department of Archaeology, Classics and EgyptologyUniversity of LiverpoolVisions of the ‘Mithras Liturgy’: The role of self-initiation in Graeco-Egyptian ceremonial magic and Neoplatonic theurgy.
Levaniouk OlgaProfessor of ClassicsUniversity of WashingtonMystery Cows
Luchetti ClaudiaAssistant Professor & Visiting Researcher at the EKU (Eberhard-Karls Universität)Karl-Franzens Universität Graz &
University of Tübingen
The Gods of Eleusis in Plato’s Noetic Mythology. On Phaidon 61b sequ. and 78b-81a.
Manakidou Flora Professor in Ancient Greek LiteratureDemocritus University of ThraceRätsel über Rätsel: Pandora, Kekropides and the “race of women” in Attic Mysteries
Meineck PeterProfessor of Classics in the Modern WorldNew York UniversityThe Mystery of Catharsis: A Cognitive Approach
Nikolaidou-Arabatzi SmaroAssistant ProfessorDemocritus University of ThracePaizein in Hades: Blissful afterlife in Pindar’s fr. 129 and the chorus’ parodos in Aristophanes’ Frogs
Ntotsika KaterinaPhD CandidateUniversity of PatrasTime as a God in Proclus’ Elements of Theology
Papachrysostomou AthinaAssociate Professor of Ancient Greek LiteratureUniversity of Patras Mystery Cults in Greek Comic Fragments
Perkins CatherineHort Scholar in Early ChristianityUniversity of CambridgeMystery cults in 1st Century A.D. Corinth and Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians
Redondo Sanchez JordiFull Professor of Greek PhilologyUniversitat de ValènciaLiterary evidence for gender crossing in the ancient Greek rituals
Sánchez i Bernet AndreaPost-Doctoral Researcher Universitat de ValènciaChthonic symbology of Ares in classical sources
Seaford RichardEmeritus Professor of Classics and Ancient HistoryUniversity of ExeterMystic initiation and the Parmenidean One
Smith CharlesIndependent Researcher & Former Lecturer in Ancient History Balliol College, University of Oxford‘Perfect Hosts’: Xenia at the Eleusinian Mysteries
Toomet Elo-MallPhD CandidateUniversity of TartuThe mysteries of arrival and absence in the cults of the Argive plain
Yool CaitlinPhD CandidateUniversity of AberdeenThe Greek Mysteries: Magic, Pharmaka and Ekstasis
Zanetto GiuseppeAdjunct Professor in Ancient Greek DramaturgyUniversità degli Studi di Milano“Liturgical Eros”: Sacred Space as a Space for Love